Frequently Asked Questions


  • Register through one of the Lagos State Health Management Agency [LASHMA] designated enrolment points, platform or licensed Health Insurance Agents
  • Provide LASRAA ID card or other valid proof of residence in Lagos
  • Choose a hospital of your choice from the list of accredited hospitals in the scheme
  • Make a payment directly to LASHMA through one of the following channels
    • Bank payments [make physical payment or online payment through any local bank]
    • Online payment [make payment via LASHMA website
    • Mobile payment[make payment on phone via scratch card distributed by accredited Health Insurance Agents]
  • Registration and Payment must have been concluded by 25th of the current month, to access care by the following month
  • The premiums payable are N40,000 per family of 6 per annum and N8,500 for single per annum
  • You will be assigned to an accredited hospital of your choice within the list of LASHMA accredited hospital only
  • Visit your assigned hospital where a file would be opened for you and or your family
  • The list of accredited hospitals would be readily available in the Lagos State Health Management Agency designated registration point, licensed Health Insurance Agents and LASHMA Website
  • After registration and payment, you will have to wait for a period not more than 35 days to access care
  • Visit the hospital when necessary
  • show your Ilera-Eko proof of registration (Ilera-Eko Policy ID)
  • Complain to your Health Insurance Agent
  • Or call LASHMA on 0700 ILERA-EKO (0700 45372 356)
  • You will upgrade to a the family plan
  • The premium is for a family of 6, father, mother and four children below 18years of age. An additional premium would be paid for additional individual
  • The same step for enrolment would be observed
  • A reminder for your renewal will be sent at the appropriate time and you will be renew by paying through the designated payment channels
  • There are laid down rules to deal with such issue as articulated in LASHMA’s operational guidelines which will be publicised.


  • When you register on the scheme, you will be required to choose either a private of public health facility from the accredited hospitals. However after registration and payment, you will have to wait for a period not more than 35days to access care, At the point of care you will need to show your LASHMA proof of registration
  • Visit the nearest LSHS hospital for emergency treatment for covered benefits only
  • You can contact your Health Insurance Agents to assist you to the nearest accredited hospital
  • The resident will still continue their private medical plan [PMIP] with their HMO. However by law, the HMO should be registered with LASHMA
  • Yes, as long as the facility is easily accessible or accredited
  • An enrollee is at liberty to change his/her hospital. However this cannot be done less than 6 months of receiving services from the provider
  • Complain to your Health Insurance Agent and where necessary LASHMA
  • The scheme has developed a quality improvement framework. Both public and private hospitals must meet set quality standards before they can join the hospital network of the scheme
  • The state Health Monitoring and Accreditation Agency [HEFAMAA] will consistently monitor and inspect the hospital participation in the scheme to ensure quality service delivery.
  • Defaulting hospitals will be delisted from the scheme
  • The scheme will ensure the institution of customer satisfaction survey, robust complains management system where enrollees can provide feedback and voice complains directly to Hospitals, Health Insurance Agents [HIA] and Lagos State Health Management Agency [LASHMA]
  • LASHMA would also have a quality assurance team who will engage on monitoring and inspection exercise
  • Lagos state has put in a plan in place to support those who cannot afford to pay, by using tax payer’s fund.
  • Lagos state has put in place a residence adoption tree model designed as a social responsibility initiative to help millions of venerable residence to access social health insurance policy. The initiative aims to encourage ordinary Nigerians, corporate bodies, high net worth individuals, government agencies, political appointees, foreign government and donor agencies to adopt these groups of persons by funding their healthcare coverage.


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